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Christchurch’s Preferred Insulated Panel Contracting Company

At Paneltech Contracting, we offer a wide range of construction, installation and maintenance services to meet your every need. With a diverse, highly skilled team we can assist you with your next insulated panel project right through from the design and construction process to completion. As Christchurch’s leading insulated panel contractors, we are proud to offer quality workmanship, unparalleled expertise and professional customer service.

Insulated Panels

We utilise insulated panels for all our temperature controlled Coolstore applications including freezers, cool rooms, and Environmental Load-out Areas (ELAs). Our Team of installers adhere to strict guidelines and detailing to achieve the required results for our Clients.
We will create a completely controlled environment for any purpose by ensuring we focus on a sound and complete vapour barrier system. Structural steelwork may be required for walls and roofs where recommended Insulated Panel spans are exceeded.

Truck Bodies

Building truck bodies to handle New Zealand’s tough road conditions is a task requiring careful attention to detail. Paneltech Contractors have built Truck Bodies and Trailers for many purposes and in all shapes and sizes. Insulated Panel has proven that when built correctly, it is an excellent product for truck bodies, providing you with a moving cool room that can be temperature controlled when required. We provide a number of options for truck bodies including insulated panels fitted to a small truck, or an insulated body ready for installation on a truck.

Doors and Openings

At Paneltech Contractors we manufacture our own insulated panel doors to suit your specific requirements. Our Doorshop Foreman is a leading expert in all types of insulated panel doors and oversees the maintenance contracts for many of our clients. Some of our insulated door options include:
  • Hinged doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Vertical lift doors
  • Electromechanical doors
  • Heated frames and sills for Freezers
  • Coolclad fibreglass hinged doors
  • Roller Shutter doors
  • Strip Curtains
  • PVC swing doors
  • Rapid Opening PVC doors
  • Bottle Pass Through display cabinets
  • Maintenance work
Entrance to the building
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  • All types of insulated panel and door maintenance and improvements.  
  • MAF audit work.
  • Factory chiller and freezer doors, heated frames and sills.  
  • Forklift damage wall and door repairs . 
  • Insulated Truck Body repairs. 

Disposal of Polystyrene

We have a specifically designed machine that compresses polystyrene into block form. This helps our environment and saves blocking up landfills.  


Freezers can be designed to work at temperatures from zero to -40 degrees. They can be built with concrete floors over their own insulated floor systems, or the floors can be made from insulated panels to match the walls and roof. We will build to meet your individual requirements. 

Processing Facilities

Food processing is controlled by strict guidelines as laid out by MAF and in most cases the Ministry of Health. Insulated panel has proven to be a most suitable product for the construction of processing facilities. We have secured maintenance contracts for many of our clients and continue to assist them in maintaining their facilities.

Agricultural Facilities

Insulated panel is an ideal product for use in agricultural applications, especially with its hygiene and insulation values. We have constructed many buildings for Animal Husbandry and Vegetable Processing companies and have maintenance contracts with leading facilities around the South Island.


Chillers are designed to work at temperatures from 1 degree upwards. We can create a custom chiller in a range of different sizes for varying applications. Using high quality insulated panels, we minimise heat transfer which in turn maximises effectiveness and reduces energy usage. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.
Find out how insulated panels can meet your storage needs. 
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